8th December 2004 12pm GMT

The sprawling metropolis that
is Kong Studios, home of Gorillaz, has been re-built and the
grand extension is finally finished.
Noodle, guitarist of Gorillaz, has returned from Japan, and
the others – Murdoc, 2D and Russel – are on their way. Having
learnt the truth of her past, she now speaks English. What’s
more, Noodle has also written a brand new album for the band!

But there is a black storm brewing………..
On returning to Kong she has
discovered that the building is awash with the diseased, walking
undead. What could have caused the dead to live again; mindless
automatons whose brains are now Ebola-ridden slush? Once intelligent
beings reduced to moaning groaning ghouls with cold, dead lifeless
eyes? What’s the ca,se? What’s the cure!?!
With her new-found skills of
translation, she has spent the last six months studying all
culture from the multiple TV screens of Kong Studios. And the
evidence speaks for itself…..a connection?
Noodle continues:
"The dark is rising! There is danger!! Disease walks our
corridors!! We need fresh talents. Gorillaz are looking for
new collaborators. In an effort to find a solution, I, Noodle
am to launch the World’s First Global Internet Talent Contest
to be held within the walls of Kong Studios at
It is to be a rare Olympian tournament
that engulfs all forms of artistic _expression, with an aim to
seek out the next wave of talented artists. The prize?…..The
prize is to be new Gorillaz collaborators!
We are looking for true artists.
Special kids! Musicians, child rappers, animators, inventors,
writers, painters, comics, Mexican magicians, maverick plumbers,
graffiti visionaries, imaginary Jedi’s or electric chefs…..People
of vision!
People with souls, and a joy
for experimentation.
The canvas is blank and the choice
is yours!.
Are you a new Gorillaz Collaborator?
Are you what we’re looking for
‘Search for a Star’ Competition Details Click Here.